All you need to know before you go

Cruising has it all and then some. You can expect an all-inclusive experience on a cruise vacation. This means that almost everything is included at a fixed price that you are aware of in advance. Below is a list of amenities that are typically included in the cost of your cruise:

  1. Full meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Special children's menus are also available. 
  2. Full buffet meals per day (breakfast, lunch and midnight)
  3. 24-hour room service on many ships. 
  4. Access to all shipboard facilities, including casino, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, on-board lectures, card rooms, and an extensive array of interactive games, contests and more...
  5. Supervised children's activities offered on a daily basis. 
  6. Spectacular entertainment including Broadway and Las Vegas-style shows, lounges, nightclubs, movies, dancing and so much more...
  7. Up close and personal visits to some of the world's most amazing destinations   


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